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25 Task Day!

 I like to try and challenge myself.  This is more to make me feel more accomplished on a day than it is to fully get a room completely clean.  I do 25 items around the house that need doing (anything from just a single load of laundry to picking up 25 items in a room.)  They are in no particular order because I basically brainstormed the list and if I went about organizing it I’d find myself intimidated again.  So here’s my list to get done today.  I’ll edit this as the day goes along to knock things out.

  1. Do a load of laundry (in the dryer as I type)
  2. Wash a load of dishes (in dishwasher as I type)
  3. Pick up 25 pieces of stuff in Living room
  4. Pick up 25 pieces of stuff in War’N Peace’s bedroom
  5. Wash off kitchen counters
  6. Do another load of laundry (in washer as I type)
  7. Fold Clothes (will have to wait until last load is finished)
  8. Clean off tabletops in Living room (if there’s less than 25 pieces add to one of the other tasks with “25” in them) add 10 to any of the “25” chores
  9. Clean oven
  10. Wipe down changing table with bleach
  11. Fruitland Meats run (will not get done as Fruitland Meats was closed by the time I would have gotten there, instead pick up 25 items in the bedroom.)
  12. Baby Oragel run
  13. Pick up 25 pieces in my (and hubby’s) bedroom
  14. Pay college class amt on credit card
  15. Clean off 25 pieces from dresser
  16. Pick up another 25 pieces in Living room (I counted, there’s MORE than 50 pieces to pick up.)
  17. Pick up another 25 pieced in War’N Peace’s bedroom
  18. Pick up another 25 pieces in War’N Peace’s bedroom
  19. Put clean Clothes away (will have to wait until laundry is dry and folded)
  20. Clean Toilet in Master bedroom
  21. Clean floor in Master Bathroom
  22.  Pick up 25 pieces on Master Bedroom sink
  23. Clean mirror in Master Bedroom
  24. Pick up 25 pieces on Master Bedroom sink.
  25. *free task* anything that still needs doing (a SINGLE task)

Now let’s see if I can get all of these done with a VERY active one year old. 

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